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Senior Care for Veterans was founded and developed by individuals with a strong and sincere desire to advise and educate veterans, their surviving spouses, and their families understand the benefit available to them for long term care.  The majority of our staff and management are either veterans, spouses of veterans, or children of veterans, who have at one point or another experienced the limitations of VA assistance.  Our management has 25+ years of combined experience in matters concerning this benefit and assisted in over 15,000 successful consultations.

Senior Care for Veterans is here to help claimants or the their families navigate the complexity of VA pension benefits.  Our assistance is divided into different tiers of consultation to cater to the different needs of our country’s veterans and their surviving spouses.  Our goal of reaching out to all eligible individuals is unique in the long-term care industry.  Whereas most care providers overlook those unable to afford their services, Senior Care for Veterans and its network partners recognize that those who have served our country not only deserve high quality care, but will be able to afford it with the financial assistance they and their surviving spouses are eligible to claim.

Senior Care for Veterans invites you to look around our site and educate yourself, become knowledgeable about the funding available, and when you are ready, let us assist you in making the process as efficient and successful as possible. 

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